“The kids loved Rick’s performance. He kept all the kids engaged no matter if they were on the stage or not. He was very easy to work with. We kept each other informed prior to the event through email and it was a great way to communicate. I would highly recommended Rick to anyone needing a fun filled night of entertainment for any age. Thank you Rick!”

Nancy C.; Bottineau, ND

“Thanks for a hilarious show Rick. You created an unforgettable After Prom Party for our students.”

Kayla J.; Rugby, ND

“It was definitely an experience I will never forget!!”

Kaden J.; Rugby, ND

“I’ve known Rick for a number of years and he’s one of the most intelligent and well rounded people I know. However, I’ve never seen him shine more than the moment he stepped onto a stage. I’m a full-time hypnosis professional and trainer, and attend many shows, events, and conferences. I know the real deal when I see it. Rick not only has an obvious good time with his participants, you can tell he genuinely cares for them. Of course, this isn’t a surprise; Rick is one of the biggest hearted, most ethical people I know.”

Andria Wood; Lead, SD


“I am feeling so positive right now. For the first time I know, without a doubt, that I can lose weight and keep it off. I have lost 101lbs and 4 inches. Rick is Awesome!”

Angie M.; Hartford, SD

“I have been on the program five weeks and have not have a Mountain Dew. But I had to travel this week and I ordered a Mountain Dew and took two sips and could not finish as it tasted horribly sweet. I can feel my body gaining muscles from exercising daily. I have not been an  avid exerciser for years.”

Arnell D.; Brandon, SD

“When I started my weight journey I wasn’t where I am now I was overweight, my clothes fit too tight and I drank pop like it was life. Now after only two sessions my pants are looser, I have no pop cravings and I actually crave water. My husband has already noticed changes in my body and my extremely positive manner I have the drive to want to get up and move. I am positive when the sessions are over I will reach my goal weight because I took the first step by coming here.”

Amy D.; Sioux Falls, SD

Smoking Cessation

“Today I am a non-smoker. I have been for two weeks. I thought I would never get to say those words. I did not think that hypnosis would work but was willing to try it. I have tried chantix, gum, patches… they have not worked. I am more confident in myself since I have quit smoking. I was a pack a day smoker for 23 years and today I am a non-smoker.”

Tracy Y.; Sioux Falls, SD

Stress Management

“This is only my second session but I am very excited for future sessions. Since I started I feel more calm and not tied up with daily stressers. My house is staying cleaner and I am finding time to complete more household tasks. I am very excited to see what the future holds for me.”

Christina K.; White, SD

“I recall the first time I informed Rick of an ailment I was suffering from called TMJ. While suffering from the symptoms of stress that causes lock jaw Rick was able to help me with a treatment to take the pain of the lock jaw away. It’s been 4yrs now and I still am free of the pain that used to cripple me and my attitude towards life! Incredible. I highly recommend Rick Harman and his expertise.”

Mercedes S.; Portland, OR

“I struggled with sleeping for 18 months before coming to Dakota Hypnosis. I now sleep through the night I am no longer bothered by my husband coming to bed. When my son wakes me in the night I am able to fall back asleep right away. For many many years I used the TV to put me to sleep. I no longer use the TV to put me to sleep. I, overall am a much happier person.”

Jerri B.; Sioux Falls, SD