Words are Powerful

Rick talks about the power of words and how they can change our realities. He points out that the simple act of choosing our words with intention can dictate our perception of the world around us. Attention can be our best friend, or our biggest problem. His talk leaves the audience inspired to be mindful of the intentions brought to each situation and the choice we all have in that space. Guaranteed to leave you feeling empowered and excited about the future!

Your Laser Focus

In this keynote, Rick talks about how the mind processes information and how we create memories. He discusses how personal habits form and what we can do to break the undesirable ones. He then takes that process and applies it to how we can direct our lives subconsciously in the direction of our dreams. This talk is literally mind blowing and is sure to leave your group excited to conquer their worlds and make their lives the best they possibly can be.



Self-Hypnosis and how to live the life of your dreams.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that anyone can use. In this workshop Rick gives a quick introduction to hypnosis and how we can apply that knowledge to our daily lives. Would you like to sleep better? Do you want to drop a specific habit? Would you like to feel more in control of your life? These benefits along with many others are within reach with the power of self-hypnosis. This workshop can truly be a life changer for anyone who attends.

 Classroom Management

Having taught high school and coached a variety of sports, Rick Harman understands the value of a well managed group. Handling a classroom requires rapport and communication. Rick talks about how we communicate with one another and what allows us to develop and maintain trust. This workshop explores the a number of tips and tricks that a new or seasoned teacher will find helpful. More importantly, attendees will walk away with the skills and confidence to better manage any group.

Quit Now!

This workshop is specifically for cigarette smokers wishing to curb their addiction. Smoking is a very undesirable habit, becoming more inconvenient as time passes. According to the World Health Organization, someone dies every 6 seconds from a smoking related disease globally. Isn’t it time you quit? Rick’s Quit Now! workshop is a great way to make that happen. In this workshop, Rick gives an introduction to how we process information and form habits; then walks the group through a hypnosis exercise in order to take back their lives. The participants not only gain empowerment skills, but leave fully equipped with tools to tackle any problem they may face in their lives.

Stress Mangagement

In today’s world, we are presented with incredible amounts of stress, both good and bad. Rick explains the difference between these and gives the attendees examples of ways to better manage those stresses. He discusses how we deal with stress and the patterns into which we fall. People can spend years in these traps sabotaging their own power. Rick talks about how to recognize these patterns in order to break free faster. This is a fantastic talk if you want to learn how to relax more, sleep better, or even work cooler under pressure. Rick delivers a number of practical tools that anyone can use to improve their lives.

How To Be A Loser

In this workshop, Rick focuses on teaching people how to lose that extra weight. With an emphasis on working smarter not harder, he walks participants through the easiest way to trick your mind into dropping the first few or last couple of pounds. He talks about some of the traps people fall into and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes that can prevent you from losing the weight you desire. Attendees walk away with a blueprint of how to easily lose that stubborn fat as well as how to keep it off once you’re at your goal weight.